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Gyan Mudra



Available for anyone who does not feel comfortable sharing their practice with others or who want a completely unique and personal experience. Private guided meditations are offered one-on-one, either in person or offered virtually to anywhere in the world. This private experience is completely channeled and curated to your specific needs or intentions and works at a time that is mutually agreeable to both of us. 

Please inquire for  a quick consultation and a purposeful discussion about your current situation, perceived blocks and aspirations, together we will a create customized mindfulness plan that will create more awareness and inspire conscious positive change in thoughts, behaviours and actions and ultimately, your life.

Download my complimentary mini-meditation guiding you to a deeper relaxation so you can unwind anytime. 

Meditation Class
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For every $1 spent on employee wellness,

there is an average ROI of $5.81

-Based off reports of 56 studies

Our minds are capable of reprogramming our health, our bodies and our beliefs respectively. 

What if we harnessed this to optimize our working environment?

My corporate services bring integrative wellness and healing services straight to your workplace including wellness workshops, meditation and yoga sessions and offerings that are carefully curated to meet the needs of your business and each individual employee.


If you are new to meditation, congratulations, this is a life changer!

I know from experience, many people have a hard time getting into a practice or getting into a deeper state of consciousness. Especially if they are not used to it. I would be honoured to help guide you on your journey.


Please SUBSCRIBE for my morning meditation, available for FREE. It is a great way to rise, shine and align before you start your day, and the more often you do it, the more positively it will impact you. 


I promise you, a regular meditation practice can cause you to manifest magic.


The thing about meditation is:

You become more and more you.

Private Sessions

Private Sessions include a free consultation which include a mini meditation for you to experience working with me. 

I have guided seasoned meditators and other people for their first time. Regardless of your level, my intention is to help guide your practice and create a safe space for you to go within and do the work deep down in the subconscious. 

Private sessions are tailored to your needs, your desires and your destiny. I use various techniques to guide you into a deeper level of conscious and I simply channel what is needed to guide you to find the answers and the solutions. 

There is no right or wrong way to meditate. Some people are experienced in a specific style but if you feel you want to explore another style, I recommend it.


Like all practices, it's possible to plateau and also the type of meditation might not be the best fit for your learning style, lifestyle, etc. and having a guide can help you explore alternative styles, practices and techniques that cater to your desires and needs.

When we work together your meditation is specifically channeled for you and I draw on various tools, practices and techniques to guide you safely through your journey within. 


I have been a student of meditation for 10 years and have studied many different styles, methods and adapted different philosophies into my practice. 

My intention when guiding a meditation is to be a clear channel providing an experience that heals, provides insight and inspiration to go deeper inside.


Meditation has the power to positively reprogram your brain, it reduces stress, promotes more self awareness, respect and compassion towards others and when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.


I draw upon various styles, techniques and tools to curate a custom experience that evokes the senses, aligns chakras and emotions and allows one to connect to their inner guidance, to let go and surrender control and be open to receive guidance and divine messaging, or at the very least, foster a sense of inner contentment and find greater peace.



LIVE Meditations



*prices do not include hst/gst


$1000/8 sessions 

LIVE Meditations



*prices do not include hst/gst

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