How Can You Ensure Food Safety From Cross Contamination?


We know our suppliers and use separate ghost kitchens and common food allergens are prepared and added as side ingredients or made separately. We investigate and list all ingredients with care, including 'may contain' ingredients and we ensure that potential allergens are packaged separately.


How Do You Reduce Food Waste?

By using shared resources and ghost kitchens we are able to use more food and produce. We partner with businesses that take food waste and distribute it to those in need, less fortunate or it is returned back to the farms where it is processed and treated so that it can be regenerated into nutrient-dense soil and used to support local sustainable farming practices. 


What Type Of Sustainable Solutions Do You Provide?

We offer eco-friendly packaging for take-out and delivery and are offering upgrades for zero-waste opportunities. We also support local farms which use sustainable and regenerative practices that improve and increase yields and also supports our local farmers. This also reduces our carbon footprint as we are not importing all of our ingredients, they are grown locally and our process involves a circular system that converts food into carbon and puts it back into the earth, reducing methane gas release into our environment. 


Are All Of The Restaurants Vegan or Plant-based?

We work with local restaurants who may or may not offer vegan food but through our menu optimization program we only create 100% plant-based, vegan-friendly meals. We also work with brands and products that are also 100% plant-based. The restaurants we work with also have the option to take extra measures and become certified or certify each menu item ​


How Do We Order Food?

Optimized menus will be available online and can either be ordered from the restaurant, an app or online. Anyone can order and support the movement but anyone who registers as a member will have their own unique QR code which will allow them to track their purchases, their reduced impact and earn points every time they order or participate in a conscious community act of service.