Creating a


one bite at a time.



There are so many reasons why, 

where do we begin?

  • The Restaurant Industry has been the hardest hit due to lockdowns and regulations.

  • Food is a universal experience and the ingredient that binds us together.

  • Food is either a medicine or a poison, our plan is to ensure healthier, plant-based options.

  • We want to ensure equal opportunity to those with dietary needs, lifestyles and allergies. 

  • Our goal is to support local business, and steer traffic away unsafe and unhealthy options.

  • Our local economy is collapsing and we need empower conscious community.

  • The Restaurant industry is responsible for producing the most disposable waste and pollution.

  • The Restaurant industry is also responsible for producing excessive food waste.

  • Food and market trends are rapidly shifting and our mission is to help them adapt. 

  • We want to optimize nutrition and put immunity on the menu. 

  • Our mission will align with our 2030 Sustainable Development goals.

  • Through strategic partnerships we will create a circular economy that connects local farmers and optimizes food production and quality. 

  • We believe on focusing on what we want: Health and Prosperity.

  • We are the change and we create our reality.

  • Every challenge is an opportunity to evolve and grow.

  • We want to reward conscious consumption and shift towards a healthier world.

  • We want to create opportunity for people to give back to the community.  

When the Why is Big Enough

We Will Find a Way.

The Perfect Vegan Sandwich

Let thy Food be thy Medicine

and thy Medicine be thy Food.



Avocado Sandwich

Let thy Food be thy Medicine
and thy Medicine be thy Food.

Our role is to bridge the gaps in the Food Industry and provide a platform for health and prosperity and sustainability

through conscious consumerism and incentives to boost immunity, support the local economy and protect the planet.


to create a global community of locally-driven empowered, conscious consumers and to drive positive socio-economic change by putting immunity on the menu through plant-based food and sustainable solutions that protect our planet.

RestaurantEvolution-angela copy.png

We work directly with restaurants to make healthy, allergen-safe food that caters to lifestyle and dietary needs. All food is 100% plant-based and locally sourced whenever possible. We ensure transparency and provide proper training and certification for all food handlers in addition to best practice, quality and ethics. 


We Can Eat Our Way Out of this Mess!