Angela Nuhn

Founder, CEO


Nico Hines

Photography & Videography


Emily Bassett

Social Media Management

Angela founded Kindred Kitchens in 2018 and is currently launching The Restaurant Evolution. She is an experienced vegan chef, a consultant and has a background in creative advertising, integrative nutrition and is involved in many sustainable initiatives.


Angela draws upon her diverse background, her passion for food, fun and is on a mission to improve the food experience everywhere and put immunity on the menu one meal at a time! 

Nico is an experienced and talented photographer and videographer. As the founder of King Nico Productions, he provides his fans with a. variety of media content, original creations and  and he offers his clients professional photography services specializing in events, food, portrait and products. 

Nico is our main photographer and we highly recommend him to do your food shoots. 

Experienced marketing manager focusing on social media. She’s worked with businesses in all stages over the past 5 years and helped businesses reach their online goals! 


She stays up to date with the ever-changing algorithms, updates and trends to ensure your content is ranking and relevant!

The Perfect Vegan Sandwich

Let thy Food be thy Medicine

and thy Medicine be thy Food.



Avocado Sandwich

Let thy Food be thy Medicine
and thy Medicine be thy Food.

Our role is to bridge the gaps in the Food Industry and provide a platform for health and prosperity and sustainability

through conscious consumerism and incentives to boost immunity, support the local economy and protect the planet.


to create a global community of locally-driven empowered, conscious consumers and to drive positive socio-economic change by putting immunity on the menu through plant-based food and sustainable solutions that protect our planet.

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We work directly with restaurants to make healthy, allergen-safe food that caters to lifestyle and dietary needs. All food is 100% plant-based and locally sourced whenever possible. We ensure transparency and provide proper training and certification for all food handlers in addition to best practice, quality and ethics. 


We Can Eat Our Way Out of this Mess!