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All of the menus we post are tested and rated and reviewed by members and are taste-test approved. We encourage all reviews (honest, good and bad) so that we can give feedback to better improve the service and plant-based options at our participating restaurants. We use the feedback to decide our recommendations, what restaurants and menus and items to feature and promote and invite our members for exclusive tastings. . 


100% Plant-based

All of our menus are 100% plant-base and vegan-friendly. We personally audit the menus and recipes and ensure that they are 100% plant-based and give a rating to indicate the level of quality assurance that has been taken to ensure the high standards of ethics are taken and to avoid any risk of cross contamination. The only way any restaurant or menu gets a 5-star rating is if they are fully vegan or have received vegan certification. We provide certification through BeVeg.



The clean food movement is gaining in popularity, and we agree with Hypocrates, 'food is medicine' and we advocate for healthier options on all plant-based menus. Regardless of dietary preferences, it has been proven that We encourage our participating restaurants to offer healthier options and provide a third-party health rating for nutrition, ingredients & more through. All of our nutritional ratings are prepared by Meal Garden. 




Everytime we hear feedack -good or bad - it’s beneficial. It gives customers a voice and allows restaurnats and food service providers honest feedback to help them improve their service, and it helps us identify preferences and trends in the industry. We audit the recipes and menus of participating restaurants to ensure they are clearly labelled, to ensure your safety and accuracy of nutritional information. This also creates accountability and incentive for restaurants to add healthier options on the menu or provide options or variations that make each meal healthier. We value your trust and provide transparency.



We support local restaurants and other small business to optimize food services & sustainability. We bridge the gaps and connect them to new markets and it's our mission and our purpose to keep small businesses open and to promote them. We acknowledge and award businesses that do exceptional things in the food industry and we collaborate to help make the world a healthier, cleaner and safer place.  We educate and empower customers to make better food choices and on the importance of supporting local and getting back to basics.



We support restaurants and aim to improve their bottom line. We help drive more business to restaurants and locations, we optimize services and and help save time, money and resources and avoid confusion and greenwashing. Our local and sustainable partners provide opportunities for restaurants to connect with and cater to new expanding markets while provide loyalty rewards, irresistible offers and promotions for their customers.


Local drivers

We work exclusively with local drivers and this helps save restaurants 25% of each purchase thanks to

Direct Local Eats.



We do not inherit the earth, we borrow it from our grandchildren. We need to work together to protect and preserve our natural resources, our community and the local economy.  Sustainable solutions are the core principles of our operation and we are proud of our partners and how they  contribute to the making the world a healthier, cleaner, safer place for all living things.